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Hardware Help Do you need help with your hardware? Issues with getting Nvidia drivers installed or getting a specific piece of hardware to be recognized in Linux? This is your place. Please be as specific as possible and provide the model number of your hardware, the specific distribution you’re using, and what steps you’ve taken to this point to get it to work. General Help General help should be used if your issue doesn’t fit into one of the categories setup already. Please remember that this is a community forum and we will do the best we can to provide support but it may not always be timely. Linux Installation Help Do you need help installing Linux on a new machine? Are you a brand new user that needs some tips and tricks? This is the place for you. Get help related to installing Linux here. Application Help Do you need help with a specific application? This is the place for you. Please provide the distro and DE you’re using along with any additional specifics that may help others troubleshoot the problem. Distro Specific Help Do you have a specific distro that you need help with? Perhaps you’re having issues updating Ubuntu or Arch or Debian. Here is the place to get help. Please be specific as possible about your issue and the version of the OS you’re using.
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