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Destination Linux Network

DLN specific discussions like Announcements, Site Feedback, and information related to the network itself.


This category is for discussing all of the shows under Destination Linux Network. Give the creators feedback, tips, or discuss the latest episodes here. We welcome all feedback and suggestions but please remember we have feelings.

Help Desk

The Help Desk is a place for you to get support & assistance from the community on an issue you’ve been having.


Are you one of those awesome people that like to share what you’ve learned? This is the place for you! Share your tutorials here and help spread the gift of knowledge throughout the community.

Gaming On Linux

Gaming On Linux is amazing! Share your passion for gaming here. Suggest new titles to check out or discuss the latest games that work on Linux. Everything game related goes here.

Privacy / Security

Privacy and Security are very important to a lot of people in the DLN Community so we decided to create a section of the forum for you to use to share and find new ways to improve your privacy and security on all types of facets of digital life.